Excellent hotels provided In Dubai - Arabian time travel tourism reviews

It was one of the most amazing holiday we had, It was always a dream to see heaven on earth and it did come true, to make it more memorable and pleasant one it was an excellent support from Arabian Time Travel Tourism , who made sure the hotel & pickup/Drop were taken care, the hotel provided was really amazing with good facilities moreover the welcome into  Dubai was well arranged with a luxury chuffer service waiting at the arrival, the drop was also on time waiting for us at the hotel.Truly an amazing Service for Arabian Time  Travel Tourism, thank you. Looking forward for future ones to be the same.
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  1. This is a fraud travel agent. They lure customers to buy holiday packages through various marketing gimmicks(all of it being false). The packages explained and sold to you are different and eventually they do not provide any service at all.
    I have officially put a complaint in Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Rights section to ensure that these fraudsters are taken to task and this travel scam is stopped.
    This company is running a travel scam of selling holiday packages. Beware of any offers or false promises.


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